Peter's Presentations

Show Us Your Applications, DSLcon, Boston, Sep. 2000. [pdf 3.1 MB]

Outsourcing Intranet Applications, Hot Interconnects, Stanford University, Aug. 2000. [pdf 3.8 MB]

Outsourcing Intranet Services via DSL, DSLcon, San Jose, Apr. 2000. [pdf 3.1 MB]

Application Outsourcing: The Next Big Thing on the Internet, Berkeley Multimedia, Graphics, and Interfaces Seminar, Nov 1999. [pdf 1.8 MB] [real video 200 kb/s]

Access, Switching, and Routing Systems Evolution, ICC/Supercomm, Atlanta, Jun 1998. [pdf 632 KB]

Layer 2/3 Switching, COMNET, Washington D.C., Jan 1998. [pdf 360 KB]

GSMP: Quality of Service Strikes Back, Panel session on: "Quality of Service Extentions to GSMP," Opensig Fall Workshop, Columbia University, Oct. 1997. [pdf 154 KB]

IP+ATM: If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them, Keynote speech for the third IEEE ATM Workshop, Lisbon Portugal, May 1997. Revised Oct. 1997. [pdf 1.3 MB] Abstract.

IP Switching and Gigabit Routers, Networld+Interop, Las Vegas, May 1997. Presentation based on IEEE Communications Mag. paper. Revised Oct. 1997. [pdf 1.6 MB]

IP Switching: The Marriage of ATM Hardware and IP Control, Stanford Distributed Systems Seminar, April 1997. [pdf 1.3 MB]
Earlier versions presented at IEEE Hot Interconnects IV, Stanford, August 1996; IEEE Infocom, San Francisco, March 1996; and at Networld+Interop, April 1996.

Routing vs. Switching, IEEE Infocom, Kobe, Japan, April 1997. [pdf 853 KB]

Quality of Service Enhancements to the General Switch Management Protocol (GSMP), Sprint Applied Networking Research Symposium, Kansas, March 1997. [pdf 447 KB]

IP Switching: Well Who's Interested in LANs Anymore? Keynote speech for the 21st Local Computer Networks Conference, Minneapolis, October 1996. [pdf 1.8 MB]
Position presentation for panel session, High Speed Networking in the Enterprise: which Way.

ATM: Myth, Marketing, or Virtual Reality, Harvard University Conference on the Internet & Society, May 1996. [pdf 1.4 MB] [Transcript]

The General Switch Management Protocol, Opensig, April 1996. [pdf 203 KB]

Quality of Service: Is it a Waste of Time?, panel session at Multimedia Computing and Networking, February 1997. 6 slides in html/gif format. [pdf 99KB].

ABR Rate Control vs Internet Traffic Management, presented at Next Generation Networks, November 1996. 19 slides in html/gif format.
Handout: [pdf 358 KB]

A brief paper describing our Internet traffic trace protocol analysis presented at the NSF Workshop on Internet Statistics, Measurement, and Analysis, San Diego, Feb. 1996. [pdf 22 KB].
Presentation slides given at workshop. [pdf 396 KB].

Presentation for panel session on, Data over ATM: Standardization of Flow Control, for Design SuperCon '96, Santa Clara, Jan 1996. "If the network is not all ATM, the performance seen by the application is likely to depend upon the end-to-end congestion control scheme." Presentation handout, 440K pdf file.

Keynote presentation for Design SuperCon '95, Santa Clara, March 1995.
Evolution of ATM and current issues in switch design and traffic management.
Presentation handout, 333K pdf file.

ATM Traffic Management at Interop, Las Vegas, March 1995.
Discussion of ABR traffic management and the integration of rate and credit flow control schemes.
280K pdf file containing 31 slides.

Tutorial presentation on ATM Switching and Traffic Management
Silicon Valley Networking Conference, San Jose, Apr 1995.
Presentation handout, 480K pdf file.