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Peter Newman is an independent consultant specializing in networking and telecommunications systems.

He was the Chief Scientist at Ensim, and one of the founding members of Ipsilon Networks, inventors of IP Switching. Other noble failures include: Adaptive, manufacturers of the first ATM switch to fail commercially, the Traffic Management Group of the ATM Forum, and the General Switch Managment Protocol.

In a previous life he was a research fellow at the Computer Laboratory of the University of Cambridge where in 1989 he received a PhD for research in fast packet switch design.

My online papers, presentations, protocols, and patents.

  My resume   [pdf]

Artificial Ensimination
On the occasion of the launch of Ensim's ServerXchange 1.6, January 2000: "Go forth and Ensiminate."

No Room in the Switch
Speech for the Christmas Party, February 1998 -- the Last Ipsilon Supper.

Marketing Math
On the mathematics of marketing performance metrics for networking devices.
Data Communications Mag. Nov. 1998, p 136.

Ghosts in the Marketing Machine
"Welcome to the Machine -- the great ATM Marketing Machine..."
Data Communications Mag. May 21, 1996, p 106.

Capitalists, Socialists, and ATM Switching
"There are two fundamental philosophical approaches to switching: capitalist switching and socialist switching..."
Data Communications Mag. Dec. 1994, p 126.

Perpetual Marketing Machine
The Perpetual Marketing Machine
Proceedings of the ATM Forum
Poetry Subworking Group

An Anthology of Corporate Verse

At the going down of the stock
And in the morning
We will remember...


And Now For Something Completely Different...
Ghost story, humor, photo album, and a really good marguerita recipe.


Peter Newman

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