Proceedings of the ATM Forum Poetry Subworking Group


Mark's original limerick posting.
Addendum to the limericks by Jon Crowcroft.


Proposed Change to First Line of Poem, Peter Newman.
Flaws in the Proposed change to first line of Poem, Jon Bennett.
Comments on Explicit Color Indication, Anna Charny.
Amendment to proposed change to first line of Poem , Peter Newman.
The Dangers of chosing two colors, more or less , Tom Des Jardins.

Poetry Submissions

Battle Hymn of the Forum, Tom Des Jardins.
Assembly of Cells, Tom Des Jardins.
I must get on a plane again, Tom Des Jardins.
The Official Traffic Management Blues Song, Tom Des Jardins.
The Chairman's Parting Poem, Steve Walters.


Poetry Voting Procedure, Shirish Sathaye.
Note from the Poetry Chair, Tom Des Jardins.

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