ATM FORUM: Technical Committee Working Group                 ATM_Forum/94-666 


SOURCE:    Poetry Ad Hoc Working Group 

TITLE:     The Dangers of chosing two colors, more or less.


DATE:      Oct 10, 1994


DISTRIBUTION TO:     ATM Forum Poetry Working Group Members



This contribution presents arguments in against the support of multiple colors
in the ATM Forum poem.



This contribution has been prepared to assist the ATM Forum. This poem is
offered to the Forum as a basis for discussion and is not a binding proposal
on the participating member companies. The material contained in these verses
is subject to change in rhyme and/or meter after more study. 

Each of the participating member companies specifically reserves the right
to add to, or amend, the stanzas contained herein.


The current debate over the ATM forums selection of the correct color poses many dangers. This document will present some of the many arguments against the selection of multiple colors.

Dangers of selecting Two Colors

Problem 1

Both colors would have to be fully specified in the poem:

The spectral qualities of "ELG" jello are not fully specified, and this ambiguitiy will delay the readers acceptence of the poem. Further, it has not been shown with simulation results that the physical proporties of "ELG" are identical to red jello. In fact we present simulation results to the contrary in appendix Z of this document, entitled "Fermats last jello".

Problem 2

The focus of the reader as to ryhme, meter and tone of the poem would delay publication.

Mixing colors will lead to further iterations as Iambic Pentameter, Haiku and Limeric are added to the debate as the meter of the poem is brought into question. Next will come tone, romantic, tragic or comedic.

Failure of the Forum to standardize on a single poetic form of expression will delay printing, publication, distribution and sales in the marketplace. The confusion of the marketplace will result in other forms of expression dominating; performance art for instance. The additional costs of providing more than one color will increase the number of syllable on one line beyond the ability of printers to set the type accurately.

Problem 3

The ensuing debate would delay introduction of Poetry into the marketplace.

The debate over the color of the jello has in fact improved the poem, and for this we all owe debt of thanks to those awesomely intelligent, brilliant people who argued for the introduction of multiple colors, however, the current color, red, has improved enough that we can ship it with a straight face, and therefore we have a responsibility to do so. Numerous poetry readings have been performed, and the color red has been shown to be emotive, flexiable and is currently the optimum color. Should this not be the case in the future we can recall all of the poems and change them.

In conclusion:

We need to pick ONE approach and get on with our poetry.

Appendix Z: Fermats last color

The brevity of this document does not allow me to present my proof, however, I can conclusively prove that Red is better, and I defy anyone to prove otherwise