The following poem explores the hubris of man's works while contrasting the exquisite irony of man's dual existance in the worlds of nagal and the tonal as described by Carlos Castenada. By paying homage to the names of past pioneers in the same stanzas as he describes the current shrine to technology, he draws the reader into the interpretation that similar heroic feats are being accomplished, he then destroys this by drawing upon Shelley's Ozymandias as a metophor for the folloy of such hubris. By casting the voices of friends and family as a dirge, the author informs us of our duty to the humanity in each of us, and implores us to get a life.

Assembly of Cells

Henry Reed, as interpreted by Tom Des Jardins

Today we have, 'Assembly of Cells',
Yesterday we had, 'Adaption Layer',
And tomorrow morning we shall have, 'LAN Emulation'
But today, today we have, 'Assembly of Cells'.
Friends and family mourn us as we perform our dirge to commerce
And today we have, 'Assembly of Cells'.

"This is the lower congestion threshold and this is the upper congestion threshold
Whose use you will see when you are given your scheme.
And this is the CDVT which in your case you have not got."
We build this icon to ourselves, and neglect humility
Which in our case we have not got.

"This is the cell which is always discarded with an easy flick of the bit.
And please do not let me see anyone using his finger,
You can do it quite easy if you have any strength in your bits."
Our god is Hermes, his companion Thor, their disciples Erlang, Shannon,
Markov, and Volt

"And this you can see is the RM cell,
The purpose of which is to control the flow as you see.
We can send it easily backwards and forwards.
We call this, Congestion Control."
Two vast and trunkless streams of cells emit from our icon, and from them
can be read
They call it, Congestion Control.

They call it, Congestion Control.
It's perfectly easy if you have infinite bandwidth.
from the LAN and the WAN and the MAN and the point of service,
Which in our case we have not got.
My name is ATM, king of kings
look on my works, ye mighty! and despair
And the cells going backwards and forwards,
For today we have 'Assembly of Cells'.