A Visitor at Dinham Hall

It was the middle of February 1994. Maggie and I had been looking forward to our break at a very nice hotel called Dinham Hall, Ludlow, Shropshire (England). We had a very lovely day and enjoyed a splendid meal. We retired to our bedroom which was at the top of the building.

All was well except the room was very hot. My bedroom at home is not at all hot so I found getting to sleep quite difficult. Maggie also found it hard to sleep—she got up to fetch a glass of water. We once again said "goodnight." I still couldn't fall asleep and I lay in the dark, the outside floodlights having been turned out. Not long later, Maggie was standing at the doorway with a glass in her hand. Well, I thought it was Maggie—I said, "Are you okay Maggie?" No reply. I turned to Maggie's bed and saw that she was fast asleep in her bed. So who was at the doorway? I didn't look again. I dived under the covers and waited, for what, I don't know. I heard footsteps come to the end of the bed and turn towards the wall and then disappear. Then all was back to normal again. I tried to sleep but I expect that I only cat-napped—just in case.

In the morning I only said a little bit to Maggie because it was all a bit too scary.

So that night I had a plan. I stayed underneath the covers all night. I was boiling hot but out of sight. Way into the night I was just lying there—not sleeping at all. I heard/felt that it was in the room. I heard it take the same path as before. That was it, all over and done with. Maggie and I did nothing but talk about the visitor all day.

It stood normal height, about five feet three inches, in the doorway. It had curly hair. It wore a long night gown and held what I thought was a glass but it could have been a lamp.

The people at the hotel wrote on my behalf to a historian but he could shed no light other than it used to be a lodging house for pupils for the grammar school. So nothing more has been seen before or since. I know that I definitely saw what I saw and can still bring back the image in my mind's eye.

Judith Newman
Birmingham, England

After posting this story on the Web we were contacted by Emma House who lived in Dinham Hall before it was converted into a hotel. She gives the following details of Dinham Hall's ghostly residents.