Space Switching -- The Final Frontier ...

On the occasion of the ADAPTIVE Christmas Party, December 1991.

Space switching -- the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the ADAPTIVE Enterprise
On her five year mission, to explore strange new architectures,
To seek out new products and new market opportunities,
To boldly market where no-one has marketed before.

Captain's log, stardate 12.91.1

We are currently approaching Alpha Milestone 2 at warp speed and find ourselves at the midpoint of our five year mission. Let us reflect awhile on the journey so far and the undiscovered country that lies ahead.

Consider the birth of the ADAPTIVE Enterprise. Back in the early days before the discovery of the Giancarlo Uncertainty Principle -- when Charlie Giancarlo existed in only one place at any one time. Back at Galactic Headquarters when ADAPTIVE was but a gleam in Audrey's eye and a question on Charlie's lips. And the question:

T3 or not T3
That was the question

Thus to search out this great question was the ADAPTIVE Enterprise born. Powered by the ADAPTIVE Dollar Drive -- a propulsion system so mindbogglingly complex that a whole new branch of financial mathematics was developed to describe it. A system whose merest operational parameters will send a shiver down to your bottom line. For these were the days before Suzy hoisted our sales and thrust Manufacturing into hyperdrive.

So original was the concept of the ADAPTIVE Dollar Drive that a select management sub-committee has now applied that same concept to bend the very fabric of time itself by the development of the ADAPTIVE Schedule. So powerful is this concept that with the application of the ADAPTIVE Schedule an entire week's work can now be accomplished in only 3.6 ADAPTIVE Days.

Reflect awhile on where we've come
On all the STeaM team and Manufacturing's done
Such esprit de core dump, and just in time, Manufacturing
Fixed the bugs that tend to Klingon
So every project phase's set to stun.
I'm glad to see Charlie is wearing his tuxedo
'Cause nothing else rhymes with proton torpedo.
And now we've passed a milestone or two
We get the WANDA-lust for pastures new
With marketing at the helm to be our guide
We know we're in for one hell of a ride
But with our Human Resources, and Counselor Troy
ADAPTIVE has got the real McCoy.