Dearly Beloved ...

On the occasion of the WANDA first customer shipment, October 2, 1992.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today,
In the presence of Dan Warmenhoven,
And in the face of this great congregation,
To celebrate the shipment of this our first ATMX
To our dear and beloved First Customer.

This is an honorable shipment,
Signifying unto us the mystical union of MAN, LAN, and WAN.
Attested by the miracle of the Virgin Alpha Demo,
Witnessed by the Three Wise Men from NET: Walt and Bob,
Surpassed only by the greater miracle of Beta Test,
And Customer Acceptance ... nay ... purchase.

This is an honorable shipment:
And therefore is not, by marketing, to be entered into lightly,
Nor taken in hand unadvisedly,
But discretely, and soberly, and in the fear of cell loss,
Duly considering the causes for which bug reports were ordained.

Therefore, if there be any Engineer here present,
That knoweth of any just cause and lawful impediment,
Why this our first ATMX
Should not be joined unto our dear and beloved First Customer,
May she speak now or forever hold his peace.

Thus I pronounce this node shipped.
May she Bear herself proud on every Stearn sea and open market.
Though her cells be but small may her sales unfold great,
Plentiful, and bounteous as the stars in Hollywood.

May the Suns shine on her every port and be gracious unto her.
May the SPARCs fly upon her every installation.
May her performance below DECs be unrivaled.
May her throughput never MACs out.
May she become the NEXT multimedia breakthrough.
And if you think of anything to rhyme with IBM
May she also work way cool with them.

Rejoice with us that WANDA is no longer on the shelf.
She has not missed the ATM bus.
As her sales unfurl
May she catch the trade winds
Engage her ADAPTIVE Dollar Drive
And at full STEAM pursue Audrey into the Roaring Forties.

One small switch for LANs ...
A giant step of faith for NET
The dawn of a new industry.

I name this First Customer Ship WANDA.
(A switch by any other name ... would smell.)
God bless every cell that sails through her,
And every sale that sells her,
For ever and ever,