In the Beginning ...

On the occasion of the WANDA alpha demo, Friday 13 March 1992.

In the beginning, Marketing created the Requirements Document,
And the Marketing Requirements Document was without form, and void;
And darkness was upon the face of the Engineering Team.
And there was evening and there was morning the first ADAPTIVE Day.

And the Top Management Team said, "Let there be a Business Plan," and it was so.
And the Top Management Team saw that the Business Plan was good.
And there was morning and there was evening the second ADAPTIVE Day.

And the Business Plan brought forth schedules,
Hardware schedules yielding milestones according to their kind,
And software schedules yielding objectives according to their kind.
And there was morning and there were some late evenings the third ADAPTIVE Day.

And the hardware schedules went forth and multiplied.
And the Hardware schedule begat TIM -- the Trunk Interface Module,
And TIM begat MIC -- the Matrix Interface Card,
And MIC begat SAM -- the Self Administration Module and PAM -- whose acronym has been forgot,
And PAM and SAM begat ALAN.
And there was morning and there were even more late evenings the fourth ADAPTIVE Day.

And the Design Team said, "It is not good that the ALAN should be alone."
And the Design Team brought forth PALs for the ALAN,
And the PALs begat Firmware,
And the firmware begat Software.
And there was morning and there were some very late evenings the fifth ADAPTIVE Day.

And in those days it did come to pass
That the Software Bug was more subtle
Than any of the Bugs in the Hardware.
And there was morning and there was all bloody night the sixth ADAPTIVE Day.

But on the seventh Day
The Design Team did rest from their labors
And did demo this great switch what they had made.

I name this switch WANDA,
Whatever dumb name Marketing may come up with.
God bless every cell that sails through her,
And every sale that sells her.